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How to Increase Sales by using Social Media

Did you know that Social Media is your most cost effective way as a small business to attract new customers, build ongoing relationships and increase your brand awareness?  This article shows some ideas on how you can Increase Sales by using Social Media.

Traditional methods of marketing are becoming less effective. The Sensis Social Media Report for 2017  found that almost 8 in 10 people (79%) now use Social Media, which is 10 points up from last year. 59% of people access Social Media daily and more than a third of people access Social Media more than five times a day. Evenings and first thing in the mornings are the most popular times to use Social Media.

Can your business still afford not to use Social Media to reach out to your customers?

The first step in using Social Media is deciding which platform will be most suited to your small business. There is no need to use every Social Media platform available on the market.

Here are 5 tips to follow when deciding on which platform to use for your small business:

#Tip 1 – Know your objectives

If your objective is to increase brand awareness, you want to consider a platform like Facebook. Facebook is as a well established platform with a large follower base and sophisticated advertising & targeting capabilities.

#Tip 2 – Know your customer avatar

What is their age, gender, location, lifestyle?
What is their budget and what are they willing to pay for your product/service?
Their motivation to buy and what distracts them from not buying?

#Tip 3 – Which Social Media platforms do your customers spend time on?

Send out a survey to your customers and ask them. Survey Monkey makes it really easy to do market research and get customer feedback.
Check out your competitors to find out where they have their largest online presence and how they interact with their customers.

#Tip 4 – Which Social Media platform is more suited to the content you want to share

LinkedIn is excellent for sharing industry related news and articles and to connect with potential customers. Instagram is designed for sharing visual content (photo’s and videos) and is popular with a younger audience.

#Tip 5 – How much time do you have available?

Managing Social Media takes time – something which is in short supply for the Small Business Owner. Twitter is a platform that is very successful in sending out short company updates and communicating with customers during live events like conferences.

Each platform has their own unique posting schedule.  You need to determine if you have the time to stick to that schedule.

Managing Social Media takes commitment, consistency and persistence to reach your goals.

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