2020 Social Media Content Calendar

Creativity made easy with the new Social Media Content Calendar.
All the tools you need in one place to create social media success for your business.

    What is a Content Calendar ?

    A content calendar provides you with a system to plan, create, and schedule your day-to-day content for social media. It is an important tool to help you use social media consistently to reach more customers, increase your sales and free up your time.

    Why use a Content Calendar ?

    A content calendar allows you to share content consistently in an organised way. You can plan the content upfront and use your time on social media effectively. A well planned content calendar helps to measure your social media marketing goals.


    Setup your own Content Calendar

    The first step is to decide on your social media marketing goals. What would you like to achieve on social media? Who is your ideal customer - create a customer avatar? When you know who your ideal customer is, you can design your content themes - this will help with structure. Determine the frequency of posts - how often do you need to post to social media and when to reach your ideal customer. The final step is to create the content in your content calendar, schedule, and publish to social media.

    What’s inside our Content Calendar ?

    The Social Media Content Calendar is available as editable Microsoft Excel sheets, Google sheets or a pdf file. We build the calendar on a content theme framework that provides a structure for content ideas. This will ensure the right mix of content to share to social media. A set of resources, quotes, holidays (AU, NZ, CAN, UK, USA)  and other special days, as observed by the United Nations make up the rest of the 2020 Social Media Content Calendar. This year, the calendar includes an annual view of the twelve months. The calendar has a clean and simple layout and the how-to guide will ensure a fast start to taking your social media strategy up a notch this year.  Creativity the easy way!

    Standard Features

    User Guide

    A complete and simple 5-step user instructions that make it easy to get started.

    Full Year Calendar

    Complete calendar for 7 days a week over an entire year.

    Trusted Known Application

    20 worksheets available as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or a PDF file.

    Open Template

    Completely open calendar template to edit and customise as needed.

    Post Suggestion

    A Content Theme framework suggesting post ideas to use and build on.

    Tab Interface

    Easy to navigate providing direct access to information on various sections of the overall Content Calendar.

    You could build your own Content Calendar…

    … or save yourself time, effort and money
    and get an all-in-one Content Calendar instantly.

    Bonus Features

    Working with us always brings something extra to your Business. We make creativity easy for you by adding more features to help get you started and continue building your Social Media Content Calendar in the shortest timeframe so you can focus on running your business.

    Inspirational Quotes

    53 Inspirational quote to help inspire you and your audience.

    Special Days

    161 noteworthy days of remembrance, celebration and awareness as observed by the United Nations.

    Customer Avatar Worksheet

    A worksheet to help you find your ideal customer.


    Links to more content ideas for social media, the tools you need to create powerful social media posts and ready-to-post inspirational quotes images.


    The calendar is pre-populated with the main Australian holidays. Australian State, US, Canada, NZ and the UK holidays are in a separate tab.

    You could go down the rabbit hole and continue to search the Internet for content calendars, knowing where that leads…

    …or you could access the all-in-one Social Media Content Calendar instantly right here.

    Frequently Asked Questions